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In the far north east end of the Netherlands, the private airfield of Oostwold organizes what has become the largest warbirds event in the country: the Oostwold Air Show. The Pentecost weekend of 2017 attracted thousands of people and an interesting line-up of historic aircraft made the event well worth a visit. Of course, one over our Aviagraphers drove all the way to this remote corner of The Netherlands and came home with a set of pictures.

Oostwold 05

Without doubt the star of the show, the only Noorduyn Norseman still flying in Europe, is this Norwegian Norseman coded R-AF. It flew all the way from Norway across the sea to attend the show, much to the delight of numerous aviation enthusiasts and the general public.

Oostwold 08

Not an activity for the faint of heart: the ladies of the Breitling Wing Walkers relive the roaring twenties of the 20th century, walking the wings of their Stearmans.

Oostwold 06

The air show attracted a fair amount of warbirds from neighboring countries. Without doubt, the T-6 Texan, or Harvard as the British would refer to it, is one of the more common sights in the warbird scene.

Oostwold 07

One of the stars of the show, which regularly graces the skies around Oostwold, is home-based P-51D Mustang “Damn Yankee” which showed its speed and sound.

Oostwold 02

The Yakovlev Yak-52 is a very popular aircraft in the eastern as well as the western hemisphere. Many former Russian aircraft have been exported abroad, like this one, which is now based in Holland.

Oostwold 03

The Antonov An-2 is a classic of its own. The largest biplane in the world, it was built in Poland in great numbers. Luckily, many of these rugged aircraft still survive and are available for pleasure flights.

Oostwold 04

Also in Norwegian colours, this Spitfire is a new kid in the warbird scene. Is owned by the Norwegian Spitfire Foundation, although based in the United Kingdom for now. The Norwegian colours were just recently applied to the airframe, honouring Norwegian 332 squadron.

Oostwold 01

One of the lesser known WW II warbirds is the Curtiss Hawk. Only few of these survive, like this immaculate aircraft, wearing French colours.