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Brazil has a long and distinguished aviation history, from the first powered flight of Santos Dumont and aerial battles over Italy in WWII to successful aircraft manufacturing by Embraer. We present a survey of some of the aircraft monuments in the fifth-largest country of the world.

BRA 02

T-27 Tucano 1374 sits in Pirassununga town faced by a Cristo Redentor replica.

Amazonas (AM)

BRA 14

We kick off with one of many AT-26 Xavantes preserved in Brazil. In Manaus, Amazonas State, you can encounter this 4518 on a pedestal in faded 2°/5°GAv markings outside the headquarters of Sistema de Vigilância da Amazônia (SIVAM). This entity coordinates all branches involved in guarding the Amazon against drug traffickers, unauthorized deforestation and other illegal activities.

BRA 15

Of course, Manaus airfield has a strong FAB presence too. For many years the local transport unit 1°/9°GAv operated the C-115 Bufalo (DHC-5 Buffalo). Now it flies the C-105A Amazonas (C295). Preserved on base with its distinctive Arara parrot tail markings is this 2360.

Distrito Federal (DF)

BRA 33

The capital of the Federation is seated in Brasilia, Distrito Federal State. Seated on a pedestal though, is this F-103E (Mirage 3EBR) 4914. It can be found at the Clube da Aeronautica.

BRA 32

Far from its former coastal duties is the SH-3B (SH-3D) N-3017 preserved at a side gate of the military enclave at Brasilia airport.

BRA 24

Near the GTE VIP terminal on said base, this former VIP transport VU-93 (BAe.125-403B) 2127 is preserved at the parking lot.

BRA 11

On its own piece of runway, not in town but in nearby Gama, 4926 another Mirage can be found. No wonder given the relative proximity of former home base Anapolis (qv).

Goias (GO)

BRA 35

Anapolis air base is in Goias State, unsurprisingly, the entrance road to its gate is guarded by this awesome delta 4915. The insert shows it a couple of years earlier, after it was just installed. It also shows it can pivot.

BRA 26

In nearby Goiana village, of course a Mirage should be preserved as a monument and so it is, in the shape of this 4919.

Minas Gerais (MG)

BRA 37

Minas Gerais State is significant as Cabangu is the place were Alberto Santos Dumont grew up and experimented with agricultural machines on his father's plantation. The museum on those grounds holds this A.122B Urapuira and a pictorial history of the amazing Santos Dumont 14bis that took off and landed under its own power on 23 October 1906. There is still some controversy about it being the first autonomous flight; the Brazilians insist that the Wright Brother's flight of 17 December 1903 (and subsequent ones) with the Flyer I was not. Also, that it was actually a powered glider that needed either stong headwind, a downhill rail or catapult to take off. The Santos Dumont 14bis did meet the criteria for autonomous flights set by the French Federation Aéronautique International (FAI). Both the Smithsonian and Brazilian Air Force museum more or less ignore the other countries' achievements. The museum in Le Bourget, Paris, tells the most complete and objective history of those first flying years.

Paraná (PR)

BRA 22

Outside the Museu do Expedicionário in Curitiba, Paraná State, this F-47 (P-47D) marked '226756/A-4' sits. It is believed to be 4110.

Pernambuco (PE)

BRA 28

For this beauty, you have to venture North to Pernambuco State where Recife air base gate is guarded by former long-range SAR aircraft SB-17G 5402.

BRA 29

Of course, Recife has many Xavantes preserved as they used to be overhauled here. This 4536 is at the Centro Integrado de Defesa Aérea e Controle de Tráfego Aéreo II (Integrated air traffic control centre - CINDACTA II) gate.

Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Obviously, Rio de Janeiro State holds the infamous Dos Afonsos museum which we will feature in a separate entry.

BRA 12

At Resende barracks the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (AMAN) resides. On their premises this F-8 (Meteor F.Mk.8) is preserved.

Rio Grande do Norte (RN)

BRA 27

Natal air base is best known for the biennial Cruzeiro do Sul (CRUZEX) exercise. On base, they have this lavishly green CB-26 5156 as a monument near the military ramp.

Rio Grande do Sul (RS)

BRA 16

The southernmost State of Brazil holds Porto Alegre town and Canoas air base. Obviously, some monuments can therefore be found here like this AT-26 4516 in 3°/10°GAv colours just west of Canoas air base.

BRA 17BRA 18

In Canoas town this F-8 (Meteor F.Mk.8) with spurious serial 4439 sits a bit forlorn in a park. The real 4439 is believed to be the one guarding the gate of the base itself. Last Canoas inmate we show is in the premises of the Universidade Luterana do Brasil. Of course a Xavante (4508), what else?

BRA 21

The Praça Jaime Lago is a square in Erechim that is graced with the presence of AT-6C 1259.

BRA 19

In Garibaldi, along State road RS470, you will encounter this colourful C-47B at a petrol station. It never flew with FAB but is a former VARIG mnachine, PP-VBT.

BRA 20

Santa Maria is another FAB base in Rio Grande do Sul State. Unfortunately, the air show we tried to visit was cancelled due to torrential rains so we had to make do with this Xavante 4567 that is preseved opposite the gate in 1°/10°GAv markings a local unit now flying the A-1M (AMX).

Rondônia (RO)

BRA 13

Not a place many tourists, or even locals, go to. However, Rondônia State holds Porto Velho air base and they have a Xavante preserved; as far as we know it is the only aircraft monument in this state. Unfortunately, this is a 'problem' bird as it seems to be a former South African MB.326M painted up to represent AT-26 4478 in 2°/5°GAv colours!

Santa Catarina (SC)

BRA 23

Santa Catarina State is best known for its coastal city Florianópolis. However, more inland at the hamlet Gaspar, this T-25 1841 is preserved near the local airfield. Given the huge number of these Neiva-built aircraft, only a few are preserved.

São Paulo (SP)

BRA 06BRA 07

São Paulo State is well filled with aircraft monuments. We kick off with this YA-29 Super Tucano protype at EMBRAER's Gavião Peixoto facility. The first propellor driven aircraft built in huge numbers in Brazil was the T-6, Pictured here is 1235 that lives inside the officer's leisure park at Guarapiranga. It was among the very first directly delivered from the USA under Lend-Lease conditions in 1943.

BRA 31

The village of Dumont in São Paulo State, is the proud owner of one of the few surviving AT-33A 4350.

BRA 36

One of many AT-26s preserved in this state is 4491 seen here pole mounted in Americana.

BRA 34

Araras is home to this Mirage 3EBR (F-103E 4929). It is on display in town.

BRA 09BRA 10

Another well-known place in air force circles is Guaratinguetá. Here the Escola de Especialistas da Aeronáutica (EEAR) is located to train technicians. Among others, they have this EU-93 2119 former callibration aircraft on display. Also, the C-95 Bandeirante, still used in fairly large number by FAB, is honoured with 2136.

BRA 05

In Itirapina, São Paulo State, the Instituto Arruda Botelho keeps this immaculate AT-26, 4596 ex 1°/4°GAv 'Diamonds', in a commemorative hall.

BRA 04

Pirassununga has a fine collection of preserved aircraft. Most dramaticly posed is this AT-26 4598 in 1°/4°GAv 'Diamonds' markings. It sits on base along the main road; H-1H 8702 can be seen behind it.

BRA 03

Whereas this beautiful C-115 (DHC-5) is in a field near the T-25 area.

BRA 30

Arguably the oddest set piece is former FAB (2035) and RICO PT-KYX C-47 now situated in Carroção theme park. Its propellors can spin and you can sit inside while audiovisually an aircraft crash into the jungle is simulated!

BRA 01

Another Xavante on display in São Paulo State is this 4457 at Vinhedo in 3°/10°GAv markings. Its camouflage looks a bit too green in our view?