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Most of you cannot have missed that North Korea staged the very first Air Festival at Wonsan open to foreigners in September 2016. Of course, Aviagraphers were on scene.


 E151608 E151778

Nearly the whole Air Koryo fleet was there.


Unexpected joys as the Democratic People's Republic Air Force participated in numbers as well, kicking off with their MD500E. About eighty of these little birds were acquired using a well-cloaked acquisition route...

 E151621 E151653

For most, the iconic MiG-21s were the stars of the show. But the heavy metal display started with the MiG-29. Triple 5 seen turning and burning towards and over the public, and deploying its brake chute after landing.

 E151690 E151726 E152035

Sukhoi 25s form the backbone of the fighter-bomber force. Apart from a solo display, bort 49, a three ship was launched as well with borts 28, 45 and 57 performing. The latter is seen using its chute here.

 E152004 E152046

Huge cheers from the international photographers fraternity when the MiG-21s taxied out! Piloted by female aviators; no brake-chutes necessary on Wonsan's huge but dusty runway.

IMG 0997

The end of day One, what will tomorrow bring?