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Hectic take-offs, too many people close by, not used to being air side on an active airfield obviously... But it went up all right.

 E152149 E152159

Day Two started with a skillful paradrop. No less than 32 jumpers were involved dropped from only two Mi-8 helicopters. Two carrying huge flags for the DPRK and the Worker's Party of North Korea....


...then two lines of ten including a husband & wife jumping-couple. These groups shot off flares on final turn-in, awesome! Lastly, two neat stacks of five completed the parajump perfromance.

 E152108 E152478

The Sunday was used for numerous pleasure flights, mainly with the Mi-8 borts 303, 312 and 911, and An-2 borts 621, 622 and 952 seen here.


The lovely An-2 kept on going until dusk, providing many photo opportunities.


Aerial shot of the terminal specially made for the Great Leader's Il-62; Kalma airport being used by Kim Jong-Un when he visits his residence at the Wonsan peninsula.

IMG 0936

The cultural programme is not our cup of tea entirely, but a music and dance performance on one night, and a mass group dancing on the second, was something not seen in Western air show weekends.


So for those who missed out this first-ever edition, plans are in the making for a re-run in 2017. Unique in many ways, apart from excellent photographic opportunities, the way we were allowed to mingle with the locals really stood out as special. Anyway, everywhere people seem to share the same enthusiasm for aircraft (and beer!), see you next year.