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WMS 0312

The largest gathering of aircraft on the planet is held during the last week of July at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The EAA Air Venture promotes aviation like no other event. A week full of activities, ranging from workshops to warbirds and sea planes crossing the skies, Oshkosh is one of a kind. Aviagraphers was present to witness this year’s buzz and bizz…

WMS 0305

One of this year’s themes was the Boeing centennial… apart from a line-up of Boeing products, this US Navy F/A-18F dazzled the crowds during its evening air display.

WMS 0362

L-birds - light liaison aircraft built during and after WW 2 - another theme which saw this Stinson L-5 Sentinel among the hordes of L-1s, L-2s, L-3s, and L-4s.

DSC 0180

Seaplanes are welcomed at the sea plane base on Lake Winnebago, like this yellow L-4J and at the airfield.

DSC 0473

This Grumman Widgeon flew in from the Bahamas, and is aptly registered C6-EAU…

DSC 0431

A Lodestar, Ventura or a Harpoon? Well, actually this is a Howard 500 passenger upgrade of the Lockheed design, showing its classic lines in the early morning light.

WMS 0400

One of the most popular warbird types in the United States is the P-51 Mustang, like this example “Pecos Bill” that was pictured on its way home.

DSC 0301

It does not get more colorful than this! Another warbird, be it one from Europe! A former Austrian Air Force Pilatus PC-6 is basking in the warm Wisconsin evening sun.

WMS 0452

Skulls & bones! This Alpha Jet trainer would make a great asset for any air force; however this one is flown by a US military contractor, providing realistic air combat training.

WMS 0446

Harvards, or Texans, were the mostly widely used trainers during World War 2 and beyond. This pair is taking off on its way home after having spent a great week at Oshkosh!