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KAF museum49

During the inaugural Kuwait Aviation Show held from 17 to 20 January 2018 at the Amiri terminal ramp in Kuwait City's international airport, we had the opportunity to visit the Kuwait Air Force Museum. This is situated at the co-loacted Al Mubarak Air Base. Outside sits this TA-4KU. Because most of the surviving Super Skyhawks were sold to Brazil, only a handful remain as monuments in Kuwait.

 KAF museum88

The hangars housing the museum may be of historic significance, they are not the most user firiendly place for a museum because they are only reacable for Kuwaiti military, not the general public. Also it is quite dark and dusty with very dfiifcult lighting conditions, if you do not have a flash or tripod at hand. The plan is to move the museum into town within a year or so. One of the first three types operated is the Auster J5F. After their service life, they were used by the KAF aeroclub. This airframe should be the former 9K-AAD although it does not wear any distinguishing marks.

KAF museum89

First helicopter was the Westland-Sikorsky 55 Series 1. Actually, they were orginally delivered with civilian registrations in June 1960 and allegedly received military serials in the late sixties. This makes this sole survivor, WA.319, all the more special.

KAF museum72

The Jet Provost T.Mk.51 was used in the sixties, from around 1962. They acted as trainer for the Hunters that were ordered and also as light attack aircraft. Luckily, four survived one of which is in the KAF museum marked 101.

KAF museum73

Another iconic British aircraft that was used by KAF since 1963 is the Hunter F.Mk.57, like this 214 seen here. All in all eleven aircraft of different marks were operated. There is another one preserved nearby on base.

KAF museum82

Arguably one of the most brutal aircraft is the twin engined Lighning, also of British decent. This provided a quantum leap in interception speed, that always comes in handy in a region where turmoil is never far away. Introduced in 1969, this is one of two T.Mk.55 dual seat aircraft that accompanied the twelve singles.

KAF museum75

Who does not love the Skyhawk? From the late seventies, new fighter aircraft were sourced from the United States and France. 1977 saw the arrival of the first Skyhawk. This is a real hotrod, not to be confused with the underpowered original versions. The A-4KU can be seen as the ultimate Skyhawk. Thirtysix were on the roster of which 23 went on to a well-deserved second life in Brazil. Some of the 20 single seat and three duals are still used there, having received an exstensive refurbishment.

KAF museum78

Sleek looking, but unfortunately missing its canopy, is Mirage F1CK 715. Little is known of their fate. Fourteen are said to have escaped the Iraqi invasion and they may even still be kept in deep storage on Ali Al Salem air base. In any case, the museum is the proud owner of this example.

That is it, now let us hope this unique collection gets a place in the lime light for all to see!