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Baku is a beautiful town. In Azerbaijan not many aviation monuments exist and the Military History Museum, Azərbaycan Hərb Tarixi Muzeyi, is the only one of its kind in the country.

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We bring you an exclusive report.

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After the Russians left the country after 1991, around two dozen L-29 were left behind. It is unclear whether they were actually used although many received Azeri markings. All aircraft in the museum are devoid of 'bort' codes.

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MiG-21s are a rarity in Azerbaijan. Only a handful were sourced in Ukraine. However, this is a SMT variant, probably obtained in Russia for preservation purposes only.

AZE museum 25

This anonymous Mi-8T in a two-tone green colour scheme sits in the museum. Nowadays, the backbone of the army and air force is formed by its more modern cousin, the Mi-17.

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Obviously, The MiG-17s are from the Soviet-era and five remain in the country as far as we know. Of course, the museum has one of its own.

AZE museum 15

The diminutive Mi-2 were present in numbers, for civil duties like agriculture. The armed forces of Azerbaijan used a small quantity of them. The white 127 chalked on, may indicate its former 'bort' code. In any case, its identity is 544502115.

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The past ten years saw an enormous influx of Mi-24 and Mi-35 helicopters. Upgraded V and P aircraft and factory fresh Mi-35M joined the ranks. This is a Mi-24V built in May 1980 enjoying its retirment in the museum.

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Antonov 2s form the silent force of Azerbaijan. The Dövlət Sərhəd Xidməti (DSX) operate around 100 of them in white colour schemes. This example is clad in olive drab however.

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Four Ka-27PS were stationed at Baku-Qala helicopter base in the Soviet times and three of these unserviceable helicopters were completely refurbished at Kumertau returning as Ka-32S. This preserved Ka-27 could be the fourth, or another airframe altogether.

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Basic training is, or was, done with the Yak-52. We do not know if they are still active. This one, 899705, was built in 1989 and still looks quite good.

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Star exhibit is this impressive MiG-25PDS. Azerbaijan inherited a regiment from Russia and also the MiG-25 rework centre at Nasosnaya.

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Plans are still simmering to bring a couple back to active duty, let us hope this plan comes through!

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More military hardware is on show, rows of guns, armoured personnel cariers and tanks are displayed.

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We finish our pictorial overview of the museum with a triplet of helicopters on show.

Not at the museum, but found elsewhere are the following two monuments that we would like to include here as an 'encore'.

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First up is a MiG-15 situated in the town of Yevlax at the local monument commemorating the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War. Well over 700.000 Azeri soldiers were conscripted into the Red Army and around 300.000 lost their lives.

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Another relic left behind by the Soviets is this Su-15. Azerbaijan built an impressive staircase monument next to it, with tombstones to honour those fallen in past decades. Most were martyred in the conflict over Nagorno Karabach with arch-enemy Armenia.