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Finland WR 11

Finland is a very aircraft minded country and that means lots of historic aircraft for us to enjoy! They have sourced aircraft from both sides of the former Iron Curtain, so let us start with the MiG-15UTI (MU-)1 in Halli outside the Hallinportti Ilmailumuseo.

Finland WR 01

No, not operated by the Finnish, yet present near a petrol station at Pythää, is former Polish air force TS-11 Iskra bis-B 610.

Finland WR 02

First of a fair number of Fouga CM.170 Magisters we encountered was this FM-43/G at the gem-packed hangar of the Karhulan Ilmailukerhon Lentomuseo in Kymi.

Finland WR 03

On we went to Lappeenranta, the Kaakkois Suomen Ilmailumuseo there keeps a fine collection, inspite of this Mi-4 HR-2 looking a bit forlorn.

Finland WR 04

The museum has a small flightline, headed by MiG-21bis MG-127.

Finland WR 06

Another, rarer, MiG was parked next to one of the museum's sheds, MiG-21F-12 MG-77 painted up with the fake serial of the bis 'MG-127' shown above!

Finland WR 07

Guarding the gate is this Gnat F.1 GN-103, ons of two in their collection.

Finland WR 09

One of the reasons we were in Finland was to visit the airshow at Tikkakoski. Obviously the pristine Suomen Ilmavoimamuseo collection was also visited, here is an overview shot of the many exhibits there. Mi-4 HR-1 and C-47A DO-4 dominate the shot, but glimpses of Fokker D.XXI FR-110 and Hurricane Mk.I HC-452 can be had too, and Vampire T Mk.55 VT-8 cannot be missed either with SAAB 91 SF-2 parked behind it.

Finland WR 08

And, coincidence or not, they also have a pole mounted Gnat F.1 guarding the premises, registered GN-104.

Finland WR 10

If you stop by to get some groceries in Halli, do not forget to 'graph SAAB J 35BS DK-201; although 'Kake' plays a bit hard-to-get.

Finland WR 12

Yes, a Bristol Bulldog Mk.IVA! BU-59 is one of only two survivors and the Hallinportti Ilmailumuseo has this very rare Finnish specimen.

Finland WR 13

We stumbled upon this CM.170 FM-12 while driving around Halli airport. It has since been moved to Kauhava for preservation there.

Finland WR 14

Time to go shopping again. Like the Finnish we like our hardware to be flyable, like this SAAB J-35FS DK-249 masquerading as 'DK-247' preserved beside the parking lot of the Tuulonen shopping centre.

Finland WR 15

They have a MiG-21bis parked alongside but the real gems are inside in the shape of DC-2 DO-1 and this Fw44J SZ-18.

Finland WR 16

Another 'must-visit' location is the Päijät-Hämeen Ilmailumuseo in Vesivehmaa. Two Mi-8PS are in their interesting collection.

Finland WR 19

They have some stored rarities, a Caudron C.59, a Blackburn Rippon I and indigenous VL Haukka I and Pyry II to name a few. Rear fuselage of this Fokker C.VE FO-75 is safely tucked away in a container but that was luckily opened for us to see!

Finland WR 17

Do not be mistaken, MiG-21bis MG-130, is actually preserved on a rooftop in Helsinki harbour! After catching this we grabbed a bite at the foodtruck outside. The building also houses the computer and game console museum.

Finland WR 18

 As you can see, most museums have space issues. However, with the unforgiving winters, it is essential to keep price exhibits like this SM-1Sz HK-1 inside. The Suomen Ilmailumuseo at Helsinki Vantaa airport was our last stop of a thoroughly enjoyable trip.