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Uzbekistan 08

Uzbekistan is a wonderful country with friendly people and a rich heritage. The number of preserved aircraft was minimal, but recently several new parks have been landscaped holding various exhibits. Let us explore!

Uzbekistan 01

Of course the capital Tashkent has a MiG-17 "01" red. It sits on a pedestal in the suburb Aviagorodok just West of the old Tuzel airfield.

Uzbekistan 02

Tuzel itself is being developed into a business airport. Work progresses slowly and former military aircraft as well as airframes from the Ilyushin plant are derelict here.

Uzbekistan 04

Close-up of the Su-17UM-3 "61" yellow that heads the row of 18 Su-17s.

Uzbekistan 03

Two An-12s borts "09" red and "10" red, still painted in Air Force blue, are in this yard too.

Uzbekistan 06Uzbekistan 05

Tashkent has an impressive museum commemorating WWII, called G'alaba bog'i (Victory park.) It has some aircraft mock-ups and two real ones, like this civilian Li-2 painted in period colours. The other real deal is a Yak-50 (822206) posing as a Lavochkin La-5.

Uzbekistan 13Uzbekistan 14

After Tashkent we went South to Jizzax. Most towns have elaborate ornaments at the city limits. The Tandoor is used exstensively for making delicious streetfood, this is a mobile example.

Uzbekistan 11

Jizzax used to house the Air Force Academy that is now in Qarshi. But the preserved aircraft, like this L-39C (834343), have moved to a park adhjacent to the former AFA barracks.

Uzbekistan 12

The Orda park has four aircraft in total. Displayed next to the L-39C is this Mi-24R (3532014511134).

Uzbekistan 09

Price exhibit in our view is this Su-24 (2315332) formerly bort 32.

Uzbekistan 07

We chose a toad's eye perspective for this Mi-8Tv (9775243).

Uzbekistan 15Uzbekistan 16

Next stop, Samarkand, beautiful Samarkand! Plentiful food, awesome medieval Islamic buildings like the Registan. Rich history being on the Silk road, so a must visit.

Uzbekistan 19Uzbekistan 17

And yes, we found some aircraft here too. These were part of a collection inside a military cantonment. Quirky L-39C and MiG-21R, both nailed shut and anonymous.

Uzbekistan 18

Their Mi-8 has been in residence the longest.

Uzbekistan 24Uzbekistan 23

Our road trip took us further South to Qarshi. In Uzbekistan modern cars and old ones can be seen simultaneously, with every car being used for every possible task...

Uzbekistan 28

Qarshi has a nicely laid out patriot park, or Vatanparvarlar bog'i. Unfortunately, the most interesting aircraft, this Su-27 is obscured by trees. Also like all other aircraft present, it has a bogus bort "27" yellow. It used to be bort "32" (36911034205.)

Uzbekistan 25Uzbekistan 29

The same applies to the Mi-8Tv "08" (9775345) and Mi-24T "24" (20948), Mi-24T is the local designation for Mi-24P.

Uzbekistan 21

This Su-17M-3 "17" red (54306), is adorned with sharkteeth.

Uzbekistan 27

Luckily, there was a Su-24 too, "24" yellow. We could not make out its construction number. Its former bort was "40" though and with two digits visible, the construction number likely ends in 15340. Only the batch number remains to be identified.

Uzbekistan 26

Let us end our overview with some colour. This former Uzbekistan airways Yak-40 is anonymous but looking smart.

Uzbekistan 22

We saw only part of this enigmatic country, the North was much more mountainous, reason enough to return.