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Hungary 19

Hungary still has lots of aircraft preserved or discarded to warrant a visit by the serious aircraft archeologist. This year's Keckskemet airshow was a good reason to explore the country.

Hungary 4

Hungary 3

Of course, the MiG-21 was the fighter aircraft of choice in Hungary and the backbone of the Magyar Légierö for many years. After service they were stored at Papa and from there many found new homes. Seen here are the ones at Hatvá, awaiting an uncertain fate.

Hungary 5

This Mi-2 10028 still holds on to its life atop a pile of rubble at Jászberény.

Hungary 7Hungary 6

The RepTár Szolnok Aviation Museum has been refurbished and moved. It has a varied and interesting collection. Mi-4s are always welcome and the venerable Mi-8T obviously belongs here too.

Hungary 8

Apart from Hungarian exhibits, the museum also has two Starfighters. One former German F-104G 21+64 watching over the museum's two MiG-23s.

Hungary 9

Turkish CF-104 63-893/8-893 is the other Star here.

Hungary 10Hungary 11

Bird's eye view of the museum's MiG-29 05 and one of their Mi-24Ds.

Hungary 12

You can buy bricks or rent a container here probably. More interesting to us is the MiG-21MF 9604 stored on this industrial premises in Szeged.

Hungary 13

Hidden beneath some trees at Jakabszallas is this MiG-15bis '1978', real serial is 657 and is just discernable underneath.

Hungary 16

Another excellent museum is the Hadtorteneti Muzeum in Kecel. Freshly painted MiG-17PF 315 heads a line up of vintage fighters.

Hungary 14

The exhibits are mounted on concrete blocks, probably to prevent them from sinking into the soft ground. Mi-24D 104 looks like it has recently been sanded and dusted, maybe awaiting some fresh paint?

Hungary 15

Of course, a MiG-15bis is also in the collection. As you can see in the background, guns and tanks are part of the museum too.

Hungary 18

The ubiquituous T-34 is here of course, sorry for the An-24V fans!

Hungary 17

Back to aircraft, we would love to have an L-29 Delphin like this 376 as neighbour too!

Hungary 25

This memorial at Kisapostag has a MiG-15bis (again), displayed in a dramatic pose. This side has the year 1952, the other side 1977. But its serial should be 683.

Hungary 24

More rubble with aircraft in between can be found at Kovesgyurupuszta. The gems here are MiG-21Fs 2221 and 2311, flanking MiG-21PF 406.

Hungary 23

It also has various cabins, both from trucks as well as from Mi-8s!

 Hungary 2Hungary 1

This strange looking collection at Budaörs holds some 'props' used for a movie, hence the 'BW' tail code on some of the "USAF" MiG-21s.

Hungary 22

In Csepel near Budapest, some instructional airframes can be found. Hungary used the Kamov Ka-26 in military service and it still has its original colours and serial 408.

Hungary 21

Another nice museum is the Komo-Sky 51 Bázis Muzeum in Dunavarsány. Fresh exhibits and well kept like this MiG-21UM 096.

Hungary 20

This other Fishbed, MiG-21F 808, still needs some love and care though...

In summary, Hungary has a lot to offer with many aircraft kept in museums as well as lingering for you to be found and tracked down in various yards.