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The Royal International Air Tattoo is surely one of the greatest, if not the greatest, air show on earth. Held at RAF Fairford, the events hosts a record number of air forces and an all-day long flying programme appeases even the most travelled aviation enthusiast. On this page we present you with some of the highlights of the RIAT’s 2019 edition.

RIAT 2019 05

We kick off with a true Cold War warrior from Romania, this MiG-21MF LanceR-C of the Romanian Air Force came in for a low-level-high-speed pass, when the pilot pulled its aircraft away from the public in spectacular fashion.

RIAT 2019 10

The Belgian Air Component sent a large delegation to the UK, with no less than three F-16AMs flying together, the 2019 demo bird and two aircraft wearing special invasion striping to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings in Normandy, celebrated this year.

RIAT 2019 08

A moisty air and a high angle of attack call for vapours coming of almost from the nose of the aircraft, as demonstrated by the Swiss Air Force, which F/A-18C Hornet gave a splendid display of its agility.

RIAT 2019 06

One of the oldest airlines still in existence, British Airways pulled the show with this Boeing 747 in retro-livery, trailing the RAF world-famous demonstration team, the Red Arrows.

RIAT 2019 04

2019 is the last display season for RAF Tucano, the type will be retired later this year, but could be seen one more time gracing the Gloucestershire skies.

RIAT 2019 03

A new kid on the block is the versatile Macchi M346 pushing jet pilot training to the next level. The Italian test unit was proud and happy to show the capabilities of the aircraft to the RIAT public.

RIAT 2019 02

The Italian Air Force demonstration team Frecce Tricolore is well known for its neat formation flying and smoky displays, as can be witnessed with nine aircraft in a tight box formation. They won the award for best overseas flying team this year.

RIAT 2019 01

For many spectators, the vertical take-off capabilities of two Spanish Navy EAV-8B Harriers brought back sweet memories to previous editions, when British (Sea) Harriers could be found on RIAT’s flight programme each year.

RIAT 2019 09

A very smoky landing was performed by this Hellenic Air Force T-6A Texan II, showing its national colours and smoke making abilities under the name Daedalus, the Greek father of aviation.

RIAT 2019 07

And the King Hussein Memorial Sword for best overall flying demonstration of RIAT’s 2019 edition went to major Peter Fallen, who demonstrated the SAAB JAS 39C Gripen of the Swedish Air Force.