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Princess Juliana airport on St Maarten needs no introduction. World famous among aviation enthusiasts and beachcombers alike, its spectacular approach and take off at Maho Beach make this one of the civil airports on every aviation photographer’s wish list. As if this were not enough, the airport approach ranks as St Maarten’s most popular tourist attraction, which is remarkable given the natural beauty, shops, casinos and beaches that can be found in abundance on this shared Dutch-French Caribbean island.

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Providing security and safety for the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean - at and above sea - is the main task of the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard. Aviagraphers had an in-depth look at its helicopter operations.

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Some of the Aviagraphers crew just cannot get enough of New Zealand. Let us share our enthusiasm with a pictorial impression and a big tip to the hat to the Kiwi pilots. We start off with Mount Cook Ski Planes' PC-6 Turbo Porter ZK-MCK (c/n 809), parked at Abel Tasman Glacier "runway".

The Martin Mars is arguably the most impressive propeller driven aircraft ever built and makes aviation enthusiasts go to Sproat Lake, specifically to see them. However, Vancouver Island has much more to offer in terms of amphibians as you will see in this report.