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Well, as you may have guessed, day two brought more aircraft!

Let us focus on the helicopters now. The Meridionali-built CH-47C was one of the highlights of the static.

Reconnaissance and light attack is performed by the Gazelle, with liaison and observation being doen with AB206s...

...whereas troop transport is carried out with the SA330 legacy Puma and AB205 Hueys.

The Royal Moroccan Navy has three Dauphins on strength to patrol the vast coast line. They also perform shipborne operations.

Meknes has some historic aircraft acting as 'pots de fleur', rarely seen Moroccan OV-10A is one of these...

...and this MiG-17F is another gem found between the buildings on the air base.

We look back with fond memories and although we have revisited Morocco for Marrakech airshow on several occasions, this first-ever visit still trumps the later ones in our opinion.