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Rionegro 10

Rionegro and indeed Colombia is a place to return to. This year one of us could not resist the temptation and went there to see the ever impressive airshow.

Rionegro 20

Rionegro 22Rionegro 24

The eighth instalment of the Feria Aeronáutica Internacional was held from 13 to 16 July at Rionegro, José Maria Cordova airport. The airfield is home to elements from Grupo de Combate 51 flying AH-60L Arpía III, MH-60L Ángel, and UH-60L Halcón helicopters.

Rionegro 27Rionegro 21

Of course, the infamous H-60 aerial ballet was one of the highlights as ever. We cannot think of any helicopter demonstration that comes even close to what Grupo 51 has to offer, muchos gracias amigos!

Rionegro 17Rionegro 12Rionegro 11

One of the many highlights was undoubtedly the set piece with a legacy B727 escorted by Kfirs. True heavy metal in action!

Rionegro 14Rionegro 15

Rionegro 16Rionegro 18

Of course, the Kfir demonstration added even more flavour each day. Colombia flies the latest incarnation of the potent delta, the Kfir C10. These are upgraded Kfir C7s equipped with the formidable Elta EL/M-2032 radar.

Rionegro 19

The Kfir could also be inspected at close quarters as it was part of the varied static display.

Rionegro 08Rionegro 09

The airshow is a big thing within FAC, so each day many officers visit, come to help out or drop in during operations that always continue in Colombia.

Rionegro 13

With the IAI201 becoming increasingly rare, this was perhaps one of the star visitors.

Rionegro 05

Other branches of the armed forces were also present. Seen here is one of the two Antonovs operated by the army, An-32A EJC-1146.

Rionegro 26

And here we see yet another Black Hawk, this PNC-0609 is operated by the Policía Nacional de Colombia. Colombia is the largest user of these birds outside the USA.

Rionegro 06

Foreign visitor always grace F-AIR with their presence. Seen here is a Brazilian A-29B Super Tucano of the Esquadrilha da Fumaça (Smoke Squadron) taxiing out.

Rionegro 01

The United States Air Force is a long standing ally of Colombia and has a tradition of sending serious hardware to the airshow at Rionegro. Among the participants this year was the USAF Air Combat Command's Viper Demonstration team hailing from Shaw AFB, South Carolina performing the F-16C solo demo. As its afterburner fades away in the distance, we are already planning a return visit!