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Ukraine Naval aviation

The Ukraine naval aviation used to be based at the Crimea but had to vacate their facilities there. Nowadays, they are back at Kulbakino sharing this huge air base with the air force.



Fixed wing aircraft are used alongside helicopters.


The workhorse is the Mi-14, operated in two sub-variants for Search and Rescue and aint-submarine warfare. The other helicopter type is the Kamov 27. All of these, including spare parts were recuperated from the Crimea and are actively used for patrolling.

 E159705 E159906

Enigmatic as they are, the Beriev 12 fleet is temporary grounded, allegedly awaiting spare tires! They can fly but are used sparsely so as to not use up unnecessary parts.


The Navy has its own transport aircraft, obviously the An-26. These are painted in a very smart 'digital' camouflage scheme.


To achieve as many hours as possible and to train pilots, the An-2 comes in handy. It was very active making numerous touch-and-goes, mainly on unpaved underground.