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PRT 2019 16Aviagraphers visited Montijo air base, home of the transport, patrol and Search and Rescue assets of the Portuguese air force and navy.PRT 2019 01

PRT 2019 28

Starting with the heavy haulers of Esquadra 501 Bisontes (Bisons), the venerable C-130 is operated by them.PRT 2019 29

PRT 2019 13

The fleet consists of three regular C-130H and two stretched C-130H-30, this 16801 is one of those.

PRT 2019 26

The versatile C295M is used by Esquadra 502 Elefantes (Elephants).PRT 2019 30

PRT 2019 24PRT 2019 23

Seven are in transport configuration, registered 16701 to 16707; seen here is 16706.

PRT 2019 27

Five others are modified for patrol duties, with additional equipment. In evidence is a sideward looking radar, a radome and forward looking infrared turret on the 16710 sticking its nose out of the hangar.

PRT 2019 25PRT 2019 22

They keep permanent detachments at Madeira and Lajes, Açores.

PRT 2019 15PRT 2019 08PRT 2019 09

Still kept in storage, awaiting their fate, are the former mounts of Esq502 the venerable C212s.

PRT 2019 10PRT 2019 11

Some wear special markings.

PRT 2019 07

And are kept in condition by the maintenance unit, also famous for its barbeque equipment!

PRT 2019 21

In a separate area, on the bank of the river Tejo, the helicopters live.

Esquadra 751 is the proprietor of the EH101.PRT 2019 31 These superseded the Pumas in the Search and Rescue role; Para que otros vivam (So that others may live).

PRT 2019 20

They have a dozen, registered 19601 to 19612 and they also keep detachments.

PRT 2019 19

We were in luck, as nine of them were 'home'.

PRT 2019 03PRT 2019 04PRT 2019 05

Around the corner, literally, is the Naval helicopter squadron,  Esquadrilha de Helicópteros.

PRT 2019 06

With five Super Lynx Mk95s at their disposal, registered 19201 to 19205. These are currently being upgraded even further by Leonardo at Yeovil, United Kingdom.

PRT 2019 02

So these two were the only ones present. We say goodbye to our friendly hosts at Montijo and hope to return their some day soon!