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20090313 ZK MCK

Some of the Aviagraphers crew just cannot get enough of New Zealand. Let us share our enthusiasm with a pictorial impression and a big tip to the hat to the Kiwi pilots. We start off with Mount Cook Ski Planes' PC-6 Turbo Porter ZK-MCK (c/n 809), parked at Abel Tasman Glacier "runway".

20090313 ZK MCT

 Sister ship ZK-MCT (c/n 841) from the same operator but featuring a different livery, is also ski-equipped.

20090314 ZK NMD 2

For hauling more cargo and pax, the GAF Nomad is ideally suited. They can land at tiny runways. Parked next to the refuelling station at Lake Tekapo airport is Air Safaris Nomad ZK-NMD (c/n N24A-60).

20090314 Tekapo Airport from ZK NMD

Tekapo aerodrome as captured from the Nomad's flight deck, moments before touch down.

20090313 ZK IHW 2

Obviously, helicopters are used to get the real fanatics to less hospitable spots that neither the Nomad or even Turbo Porter can reach. AS350B2 ZK-IHW (c/n 2816) is used by Mount Cook Ski Planes for scenic flights.

20090313 ZK IMK

No problem to bring your skiing or camping gear, just load it in the outboard cargo cannister as seen on AS350B3 ZK-IMK (c/n 4063). This particular bird was exported to Indonesia and was written off there.

20090313 Abel Tasman Glacier Runway

We finish with one of the many spectacular views that people expect to see in New Zealand, the Abel Tasman Glacier. Aerial assets, like those from Mount Cook Ski Planes and Air Safaris, are instrumental in getting the visitors up there to experience these unforgettable moments.