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Radom 2017 01

Poland is a country with a great love for aviation, which is underlined by many aviation events organized annually. One of these fixtures is the air show at Radom, a favorite among aviation enthusiasts.

Radom 2017 05

Polish aviation industry has not only built types under license, but designed a large number of indigenous types. One of the latest is the W-3 Sokol, seen here in the special forces outfit.

Radom 2017 11Radom 2017 08

A large air parade is usually included in the show programme of Radom, which featured a formation PZL SW-4s, a type only operated by the Polish air force. Another type worth travelling to Poland for is the impressive Sukhoi Su-22M-4. Poland is one of few countries still operating this Cold War-era aircraft in vast numbers.

Radom 2017 10

Poland is one of the largest users of the EADS C295. Sixteen of this aircraft are in use with the transport unit based at Krakow-Balice in southern Poland.

Radom 2017 09

The standard basic trainer of the Polish air force is the PZL-130TC-II Orlik. Flying various formations as a team, the team is named Team Orlik, which is a welcome guest at air shows in Europe.

Radom 2017 12

Bialo-Czerwone Iskry (the white-red sparks) are the national aerial demonstration team. The team flies the PZL TS-11 Iskra jet trainer, which sleeks lines can be appreciated in this picture.

Radom 2017 07

Open the beehive! The Baltic Bees are an aerial demonstration team from Latvia, and known all about branding. They operate the well-known L-39 in these easily recognizable colours.

Radom 2017 04

The pride of the Polish air force is the first western fighter type bought after the Cold War. The F-16 gave an awesome display, showing off its conformal fuel tanks and tiger striping!

Radom 2017 03

The Ukrainian air force is a very welcome guest at air shows. They owe much of their fame to the display of this heavy but agile fighter, the Sukhoi Su-27P1M.

Radom 2017 02

Austria sent two of its Saab 105 fighter trainers to Radom to participate in the static and air show programme. The Saab 105 enables you to count the number of rivets used to attach the upperwing!

Radom 2017 06

Another great display was flown by two Polish army Mi-24V helicopters. The showed off their remarkable speed and agility at Radom. Impressive head-on shot of the Mi-24 attack helicopter. These helicopters have served the Polish military very well in Afghanistan and Iraq.