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LBY 12

The final instalment of the Libyan Aviation Exhibition, LAVEX, was held at Tripoli-Mitiga in 2009. Before the uprising that left the country divided and in turmoil. Aviagraphers were there and here is a pictorial impression of what once was a potent air force.

LBY 25

The mighty MiG-25 was withdrawn from use already. Many remained stored in the open air though, spread over three bases.

LBY 27LBY 11

In 2009 the refurbishment of the Mirage F1 fleet was in full swing.

LBY 08

For years, advanced training and light attack was performed with the L-39ZA, like this 1938 featured in the static.

LBY 20LBY 21LBY 13

The daily aerial exhibition of the Albatross was nice and low, as 1944 demonstrates here.

LBY 26

Fighter-bombers usually were sourced in the former Soviet Union, as is witnessed by one of various types of the Su-22 flown.This 311 is a Su-22M.

LBY 14LBY 15

Primary training was carried out with the Siai-Marchetti SF.260WL.

LBY 17

At LAVEX, these were used to fly formation aerobatics.

LBY 06

All four Warriors present are seen here lined up before starting up for departure back to their home base.

LBY 23

Other formations included a three ship MiG-23/Mirage F1 combo and a duo of MiG-23s. Backlit and far away alas. The two seat aircraft unfortunately crashed during the show week.

LBY 04

Apart from the MiG-23s and Mirage that flew, these types were also represented on the static display.

LBY 34

Few air forces flew the An-124, technically 5A-DKL was on charge with Libyan Air Cargo.

LBY 32LBY 31

Just like the fleet of Il-76s, the white one is an Il-76TD with Libyan Air Cargo titles, and the green-tailed Il-76T wears Jamahiria Air Transport titles.

LBY 39

Impression shot of the cargo ramp where aircraft were actively operating from during LAVEX.

LBY 37

The Air Force operated a mixed fleet of Antonov 26 and 32 transports. This An-32P 5A-DRC is modified for aerial firefighting...

LBY 36

...whereas 'regular' An-26 8212/5A-DOD was used for transport.

LBY 30

C-130H 118 was just refurbished in Portugal at the time. It is believed to be operated by Libyan Dawn AF nowadays.

LBY 35

Libya also used the L-100-30, like this 5A-DOM, later seen with a 'Free Libya' flag painted on its tail.

LBY 38

VIP aircraft of choice is the Il-62M, 5A-DNY is stored now.

LBY 29

Various Meridionali-built Chinooks were seen. This olive drab LC-010 was just refurbished.

LBY 19

This aptly camouflaged refuelling truck was busy at the end of the show to fuel up the static aircraft before their departure.

LBY 18LBY 24

Brand new at the time was this An-74TK-300D. L-410UVP-E 2008 was also first noted in Libya at LAVEX 2009.

LBY 10

The Libyan Police was in the process of receiving a fleet of AgustaWestland helicopters. This AW109 5A-DTL is fully kitted out for aerial surveillance.

LBY 09LBY 07

Air cavalry can best be tasked to the Mi-24. Libya operated a variety of these, this is a Mi-35 delivered in the late eighties. It departed at sunset. Meanhwile it has been shot down by one of the rivalling factions.

LBY 28

This Mi-171E 2861 is in Medevac configuration. It has Ambulance titles.

LBY 05

The venerable Mi-8T was the workhorse then; and this 8230 was later also used by the Free Libyan AF.

LBY 02LBY 03

Fresh from recent overhaul is this Mi-14. It flew throughout the show week.

LBY 01

Less pristine is this long row of stored Mi-14s and Mi-8s near the Eastern threshold. Some of these are still there and it somehow sums up the current state of the aerial assets of this troubled country.