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Kleine Brogel housed a special mini-Tiger Meet in September 2021. Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the event was scaled down considerably. Nonetheless, a fair number of aircraft visited for the 60th anniversary of the NATO Tiger Meet association and the 70th anniversary of 31 Smaldeel. Of course, the Sanicole airshow in the same weekend meant some extra visitors and lots to be enjoyed for the capacity crowd during the Spotter's Days. Let us look at some of the participants.

KB 2021 06

KB 2021 13KB 2021 12

Very welcome visitors were the Czech Mi-171 9926 from 222.vrlt and Mi-35 3369 from 221.vrlt, Náměšť nad Oslavou.

KB 2021 05KB 2021 15

Another gem from Czechia is this W-3A 0714 operated by 243.vrlt.

KB 2021 01

We proceed in alphabetical order with the Danish air force. The Baby Blue team with their Saab Supporters performed at Sanicole airshow.

KB 2021 16

One of the HävLLv 11F/A-18C Hornets of the Finnish air force was this HN-453.

KB 2021 02KB 2021 14

French E-2C Hawkeye from 4 F seen from two angles.

KB 2021 10

Germany is always present when aircraft can be painted up in colourful markings. TLG-74's 31+01 was the Bavarian Tiger this year.

KB 2021 08

Although 335 Mira is the tiger unit from Greece, this F-16C block 52 serial 513 is operated by 343 Mira. Sadly, it crashed 21 November 2021.

KB 2021 03

Italy usually sends a large delegation and this year was no exception. T-346A M.M.55217/61-13 from 212°Gruppo taxies past one of the Hungarian Gripens.

KB 2021 09KB 2021 04

Also P-180 M.M.62161 and, of course, an F-2000 M.M.7350/RS-22, were among the participants.

KB 2021 11

Poland was there in force too, F-16C 4056 is seen here painted in toned down Tiger 'colours'.

KB 2021 07

Lastly this brutal looking Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ376 from 825NAS concludes our small selection.

We thank the organisers for a splendid venue, although some aircraft were parked on the other side of the base invisible to the public; something we did not understand.