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Malta airshow 2021 19

The Malta airshow is a recurring event and was on our bucket list for some time. After being cancelled in 2020, we took the opportunity in 2021 to go there during a lull in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. And it proved to be an altogether delightful experience.

Malta airshow 2021 21

Let us start with the local armed forces aircraft.This Alouette III performed daily SAR demonstrations over the bay, from Qawra Point to Bugibba Square.

Malta airshow 2021 05Malta airshow 2021 13

It flew from the flighttline and is seen behind the SKA here. Super King Airs form the backbone of the Maltese aerial surveillance capabilities.

Malta airshow 2021 14

Latest acquisition is the AW139, it augments and supersedes the Alouette.

Malta airshow 2021 12Malta airshow 2021 06

Over to the colourful static.

Malta airshow 2021 04Malta airshow 2021 02

Malta has strong ties with Italy. So we could enjoy a huge Italian contingent. The Guardia di Finanza ventured with a PH-139D (AW139) and an UH-169A (AW169) to Malta.

Malta airshow 2021 07Malta airshow 2021 08

The Vigili del Fuoco and Polizia sent their AW139 and UH-139C repectively.

Malta airshow 2021 11Malta airshow 2021 03

Whereas the AMI was present with a TA-11B Ghibli ...

Malta airshow 2021 10

...and two A-200C Tornados.

Malta airshow 2021 15

Denmark had a Challenger present, this looks like a surprise but they use it to monitor refugees in the Med.

Malta airshow 2021 01

We spent some time in the approach and along the runway in this very spotter-friendly country.

Malta airshow 2021 20

Rafale 140/4-GS blast off for its display.

Malta airshow 2021 18

The ever-impressive solo-Turk taxiing to its take-off position.

Malta airshow 2021 16Malta airshow 2021 17

The 'Reds' were also enjoying Malta, two pairs on take-off.

Malta airshow 2021 24Malta airshow 2021 23Malta airshow 2021 22

Swiss PC-7s always come with quite a bunch. This concludes our sample of this nice airshow.