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CYP 06

CYP 14The Cyprus National Guard, Εθνική Φρουρά (Ethniki Froura), has a small air wing. All aircraft are based at Pahos Intl. Aviagraphers attended the yearly open day in November to sample their goods.

CYP 01The Air Force Command currently consists of two squadrons. These are, 450 Μοίρα Ελικοπτέρων (Moíra Elikoptéron - Helicopter Squadron) and, 460 Μοίρα Έρευνας Διάσωσης (Moíra Érevnas Diásosis - Search and Rescue Squadron).



450 ME

CYP 12

CYP 17

450 ME has two platoons. The first platoon operates the SA342L1, like this 354, that used to be in a separate unit 449 MA/E.

CYP 10CYP 10

The four choppers, registered 352 to 354, were taken on charge in 1987 and therefore 2017 sees their 30th anniversary. The Gazelle-type badge has a typo in it...

CYP 16

The second platoon is equipped with the mighty Mi-35P. With the twin barrel 30mm guns it packs a serious punch.

CYP 09

Of the twelve that arrived from 2002 onward, eleven still remain, registered 811 to 821. Sadly, 822 was lost on 5 July 2006.

460 MED

CYP 13

CYP 02

CYP 18460 MED also has two platoons. The first one used to operate the PC-9 but those are now withdrawn from use. The sole BN-2B operates with a civil registration, 5B-ICV.

CYP 07

CYP 19Second platoon is the helicopter search-and-rescue unit. The Bell 206L Long Rangers were inherited from 449 MAE. Two of them are active, registered 110 and 111 that is illustrated here.

CYP 08

CYP 20Last type to enter service was the Agusta Westland 139, painted in two tone sand and with day glow stripes, they look quite smart. Three are in use, registered 701 to 703; the first one is shown here.

CYP 01

We finish with a line up of three helicopters, a typical scene at Paphos.