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Steadfast Noon 02

Steadfast Noon is NATO’s classified European nuclear strike exercise, which is held annually at a number of bases. During the 2017 edition, Kleine Brogel air base in Belgium was one of these bases.

Steadfast Noon 03

Four Czech JAS39 “Gripens” and four Polish F-16 “Jastrzabs” participated in the 2017 edition, flying numerous missions during the exercise. Czech Gripen 9242 is coming back from a sortie here.

Steadfast Noon 06Steadfast Noon 05

Long-time participants of the exercise are Italian Tornados from Ghedi. These capable aircraft form the strike package with F-16s.

Steadfast Noon 04

Belgian and Dutch F-16s are working closely together during Steadfast Noon. The Dutch deployed from the home base of Volkel to Kleine Brogel, although the latter is a mere 80kms south of Volkel.

Steadfast Noon 01

Amongst the aircraft supporting the exercise were Czech JAS39s and Polish F-16s, like this 4070. They are part of the so called SNOWCAT program (Support Nuclear Operations With Conventional Air Tactics).