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Frisian Flag 2017 05

Frisian Flag is an exercise held yearly at Leeuwarden Air Base and has become an established fixture for NATO's air forces.

Frisian Flag 2017 17

Most numerous, apart from the Koninklijke Luchtmacht with its F-16s, is the German Air Force. Each year, the Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 31 <<Boelcke>>, sends around ten Eurofighter 2000s; affectionally called 'Euffies'.

Frisian Flag 2017 08

The Royal Air Force is a regular participant as well. While they take care of bombing and suppression of enemy air defence (SEAD)...

Frisian Flag 2017 13Frisian Flag 2017 11

... top cover is provided by the F-15s but of course also by F-16s from The Netherlands and Portugal...

Frisian Flag 2017 18

...as well as Belgium. No secret which unit this Belgian viper belongs too...

Frisian Flag 2017 12Frisian Flag 2017 14

Being a 'swing-role' aircraft, the F-16 is also tasked with ground attack. 322 squadron's J-513 is seen here equipped with a Sniper advanced targeting pod.

Frisian Flag 2017 07

Cobham is a contractor that provides Electronic Counter-Measures training with their business jet-cum adversary aircraft.

Frisian Flag 2017 06

The last couple of editions saw overseas participation from continental United States provding ample training for both the USAF and European allies alike. New Orleans based F-15C 83-036/JZ departs with full afterburners towards the exercise area.

Frisian Flag 2017 01Frisian Flag 2017 01

True mud-movers are recognised by their brutal low-level take-offs and drab colour schemes. First up is 653/3-AU from ETD 02.007 showing its port side SPA31 Archer markings and close behind is 671/3-XK of sister unit EC 03.003, escadrille 2.GC/III.

Frisian Flag 2017 04

Our French friends from Nancy's Escadre de Chasse 3 are always keen to show their muscles as Mirage 2000D 617/3-IS from EC 01.003 demonstrates.

Frisian Flag 2017 09Frisian Flag 2017 10

Brutal old school RB199 engines make the ground tremble as Tornado GR Mk.4A ZA369/003 powers out to a gradual climb. Modern era engines may be more powerful and efficient, but not quite as impressive!

Frisian Flag 2017 15Frisian Flag 2017 16

With all those aircraft flying two sorties each day, the ground support crews have to work nearly round-the-clock. Support equipment is being ferried in by transport aircraft, or arrives by truck for some participants. Portuguese Air Force C-130H 16805 is making a spectacular approach here (or did he mistakenly line up for the old German runway...)