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FF2019 01

Frisian Flag has established itself as a yearly must-visit exercise, both for various NATO forces as well as aircraft enthusiasts. In 2019, the Minnesota ANG F-16s formed the US contingent.

FF2019 10

The Swiss Air Force made a welcome apprearance.

FF2019 12

Of course, the Dutch F-16s are in abundance too.

FF2019 11

With a typical Dutch background.

FF2019 03

Poland is a loyal participant with their F-16Cs.

FF2019 04

This year, a dual was also present.

FF2019 02

Every year, the Germans send a sizeable contingent of "Euffies".

FF2019 05

These are under control of TLG-31, although two had TLG-74 badges when they arrived. But 31+05 was a true TLG-31 bird.

FF2019 08

France's Mirage 2000 fleet is being replaced by Rafales.

FF2019 07

But luckily, the mud-moving D-models still proof their worth.

FF2019 09

Under some lighting conditions, the new US camouflage looses all its contrast, so you have to time it perfectly. Welcome to the Bulldogs, hope they like The Netherlands!