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Starting 17 August 2020, a very special exercise 'Bluewings' was held at Nörvenich in Germany when the Israeli Air Force deployed there for the first time.Bluewings badge


In the previous weeks, various C-130s had already visited Nörvenich in support. C-130Js, C-130Hs and als KC-130Hs like this 522 that also visited on arrival day.


The delegation consisted two Gulfstream special mission aircraft, three F-16C block 40 and three F-16D block 40. Here we see three F-16s arriving, being escorted by Eurofighter Typhoons from Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 31.


Over the years, the legacy Boeing 707 were used as tankers, transport, VIP and special mission aircraft. Two KC-707 were supporting the delegation, 260 and this 275


As you can see with 260 here, they have the JT3D engines. Noise abatement is not an issue around Nevatim probably. Mostly Bedouins live there.


The special mission Gulfstreams are called Nachshon. They come in two variants. Most colourful is the G-550 based Nachshon Eitam, 569 is an Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft operated by tayeset 122 (122 squadron).


Completely anonymous is the G-V base Nachshon Shavit Signal Intelligence aircraft. Only when the door opens, it reveals the identy, in this case 679.


The name Nachshon refers to the 1948 operation to gain control of the Tel Aviv - Jerusalem road. It was escorted in by two EF2000s because it carried the IDF Commander-in-Chief.


But capturing the imagination of the onlookers most were of course the six F-16s. Three single seat F-16C-40 Barak from tayeset 101 and three F-16D-40 Brakeet from tayeset 105 that also provided the delegation leader. Both units are based at Hatzor.


Brakeet 676 with the next banking in the back. The F-16s and one of the Gulfs performed fly-bys at Dachau and Fürstenfeldbruck.


As can be seen on some of our shots, the delegation was escorted in on arrival. Dual seat EF2000(T) 30+54 approaching against a 'Stahlblau' German sky.


Last shot is also from one of the hosts, escorting aircraft EF2000 31+16 from TLG-31.